’Syriëganger Martijn N. must be 3 years hum’

bbd2818c5be983ec8fe9f2d008351d39 - ’Syriëganger Martijn N. must be 3 years hum’

SCHIPHOL – Against the 24-year-old Martijn N., up to two times to Syria, tried to travel, it is in appeal a prison sentence of three years is required. The Hague man was going himself as a warrior to join a jihadist group.

Images of IS-fighters.

N., who called himself ’Driven’, and tried two times Syria, but both attempts fail in Turkey. The first time he travelled with a friend. From seized phones showed that they were in contact with jihadist Soufiane Z., that there was already.

From him they received instructions on how the border could cross over and what they should do if they would be caught. Z. was arrested when he was in Turkey the border with Syria wanted to cross.

Beginning 2016 tried N. again. He managed when in Dusseldorf on a plane, although he terreurverdachte registered and his passport was taken. As a result of a telefoonstoring was when the issue of his arrest warrant delayed.


N., the son of a Dutch father and a Tanzanian mother, started from the age of eighteen to look more deeply into islam. According to his environment he became stricter in his faith.

Last year he was by the court in the Hague sentenced to 31 months in prison, one year probation. The Public Prosecutor found the sentence too low and appealed.

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