Syria demands the departure of Turks from Afrin

cb72475559297dbf5a4e11a1b3ed0edd - Syria demands the departure of Turks from Afrin

BEIRUT – Damascus has Monday the departure of Turkish soldiers from Afrin required, after that in the weekends the largest city in the region had captured on Syrian-Kurdish forces.

“The communication from the Turkish government that are off red beach Afrin to check, is illegal”, wrote to the Syrian ministry of Foreign Affairs in a letter to the United Nations. “Syria wants the units that are invaded immediately withdraw from the territories they occupied.”

Earlier in the day showed the Turkish president Erdogan know that he is in the north of Syria, starting in Manbij, continues with the displacement of the “terrorists” of the YPG. He sees the Kurdish militia as an extension of the banned Turkish PKK. Erdogans deputy prime minister Bekir Bozdag had just promised that the Turkish soldiers Afrin would leave the area to give back to the “real owners.”

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