Soulbandje from 60s accuses Wu-Tang Clan of plagiarism

f9f3d10581e1442288f64ba72e72cf0b - Soulbandje from 60s accuses Wu-Tang Clan of plagiarism

A soulbandje that, especially in the 60’s era knew, The Diplomats, claiming that a song by the American released Wu-Tang Clan plagiarism is in their song from 1969. It would go to the song ‘People Say’ from 2017, reports entertainmentsite TMZ.

According to the band violates ‘People Say’ the copyright to their song “I’ve Got the Child of Love’. The Diplomats make mention of strong similarities between the melody, the text and the rhythm of both songs. The group looks at the case and demands of Wu-Tang Clan that they are selling, and performances of the song in the meantime to stop. Also claim The Diplomats that many fans and regular listeners of the similarities between both songs have noted and their information online have posted.

“People Say’ appeared on the last album of Wu-Tang Clan, ‘The Saga Continues’.

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