Self-propelled Uber driving pedestrian’s death at crosswalk

3d687204efa22cd4db952eb49a4b7ed1 - Self-propelled Uber driving pedestrian's death at crosswalk

TEMPE – A self-propelled car of Uber has Sunday night in the U.s. Tempe a woman hit by a car who then died. This is the first fatality by a self-propelled car.

One of the self-propelled cars of Uber.

That writes The New York Times. The Uber-car was in the auto mode, while there is a person behind the wheel was as a back-up. According to the police woman was hit by a car when she crossed at a pedestrian crossing.

Uber stops with the testing of self-propelled cars in Tempe, Pittsburgh, San Francisco and Toronto. A spokesman said the company ’fully cooperating’ with local authorities.

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