Samantha de Jong: “I’ve lost everything’

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Samantha Young has in a emotionaal argument on Facebook thanks to everyone there the last time for her. But also let them know that it is still not well with her. “Until the day of today it is still misery. How much can a human being still have?”

Samantha was the beginning of this year included in a clinic after a suicide attempt had done. Her two children went with father Michael van der Plas to Spain to be with him to live. “My 2018 is pussy started as everyone knows. Suicide attempt, in a clinic before, children lost, home lost, everything is lost”, writes Barbie.

In the story, thanks also to a number of friends and her parents for the support over the past months. “Despite the fact that I you a lot of grief’ve done, you are always there for me. Actually earned, I do not agree, but I know what you have done for me. That I will never forget. I love you.”

After Barbie was recorded in a clinic, and turned the rest in her life is anything but back. So well-known they are borderline to have leaked a sekstape of her, ran into her relationship with Jordi on the rocks and she turned back to her ex Rolf Tangel.

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