Running Blind Married on fiasco out?

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The water between the flocks of Blind Married seems deeper and deeper. It seems that the third season of Blind Married a very difficult season and it is still the question of whether there is one couple, the experiment will have died. The eighth episode of Blind Married, there was one where the viewer is not really a happy feeling. Now the couples are already more than a week living together, thinking of some of the participants more and more to the point when they must decide whether they stay in the marriage or not. That moment is still far in the future, but comes out every week a little closer.

Dear there is not out yet, they are still missing some of the chemistry in her marriage. “But when is good, good enough? That is in every relationship about the question. When is it good enough or when you think “no, I still need something better search”? And it is effective even better as you continue to search?”, ask Aljosja himself aloud. Dear feel very comfortable with Aljosja but she misses the chemistry that is necessary is during a relationship and that is for its important. For Aljosja that five weeks is too short, he wants to make sure more time, but fear that Dear it also is not yet know. For Dear is the go up and down of her doubts a stumbling block. For Sweet, there must be one or the other to happen before they can decide to Aljosja to stay together. Aljosja had for a few days to go abroad for a wedding and Dear stayed at home to get him some breathing room.

Wendy realizes that she the first week of living together too much pondered and not working hard enough, has enjoyed. She wants more do her best and also Damiano’s doing his best for his partner. Damiano kidnaps his Wendy to the b&b where their wedding photos were taken and that is a gesture that Wendy really knows the way to appreciate. But that’s the good news because outside of a cuddle in the evening before going to sleep, there is little affection. Wendy notes that Damiano despite everything, still wants to go. Turn the spark between these two still about?

And Show and the Three are faced with their busy schedules. “That’s our weak point. And we realize that we will have to work to make more time for each other.” Their work really has an impact on their relationship, but they don do their best to make time in their calendar to make a reservation. “For us it’s both important that we are doing things together to take our relationship further evaluate”, responds Three.

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