Rose McGowan: Harvey Weinstein wants me dead

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Rose McGowan is convinced that Harvey Weinstein her prefer death to see. That tells the actress in an interview with the Daily Mirror.

“I’m sure he would prefer that I would be dead,” said McGowan. “He is a sociopath. I’m not scared, although I probably should be.” She states in the article that, since she misbruikbeschuldigingen about the filmmaker and the world he made, followed and intimidated by “supporters” of Weinstein.

The actress claims that the team of the ex-The Weinstein Company-ceo an Israeli spionagebureau has turned on to its courses. “They have my computer hacked, photos leaked. They have done everything to my life to destroy it.”

Weinstein is by some fifty women accused of sexual abuse, ranging from harassment to rape. He has, to date, all allegations are denied. “For a soul like his is no hope,” says the actress. “He don’t even believe that he did wrong.” She finds the people to the cases, the film producer back no better. “Everyone who was behind him was while he women kleineerde and abused is a monster, just as he is.” The legal team at Weinstein is still the worst, says McGowan. “His lawyers are even worse than he. The way they act is disgusting.”

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