Questions about megaprijzen cards Beyoncé

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Minister Ingrid van Engelshoven of Culture will get Tuesday questions about the concert of Beyoncé and Jay Z. Tickets for the concert in Amsterdam Monday, within a short time sold out, a bit later for the triple price on the internet for sale to be put. SP-Member of parliament Peter Kwint want this to be as fast as possible stops.

Fth has the problem previously raised by a motion during the cultuurbegroting in november. The minister said last week in a letter to parliament that she is coming autumn with a response. But according to Fth, there must be a lot faster to a solution for the problem: “we need the business model as quickly as possible to demolish.”

Mp-Fth may have a few solutions, such as a maximum percentage of profit on the resale of tickets or the name to sell cards. The final solution, ” he says to the minister.

Not prohibited

Mojo says nothing to can do to the resale of the tickets “we encourage it, but cards to sell is not prohibited.”

The speed with which the concert in June is sold out and the high requested prices of the tickets shows that Beyoncé and Jay Z are still very popular in the Netherlands. Mojo says also in conversation with the managers of the two stars, in the hope of a second concert in the Netherlands.

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