Putin: ’I don’t want any arms race’

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MOSCOW – Russian president Vladimir Putin after his election victory, said no arms race. He gave during a meeting with his defeated candidates to the emphasis to want to focus on solving domestic problems.

Putin speaks to his supporters in the Kremlin.

The 65-year-old Putin made it clear more willing to invest in education, infrastructure and health care. The military expenditure would have him right down. ,,No one is planning an arms race gained momentum,” argued the Russian leader, who is re-elected with about 76 percent of the vote.

Putin said Monday that Russia needs a constructive dialogue with international partners. ,,We will do everything to resolve any dispute with our partners to resolve through political and diplomatic channels”, he promised.

The conciliatory attitude of Putin stands in contrast with his languageí in the run-up to the elections. So he presented recently, yet many state of the art weapons, which in some cases are still in development. It included a ballistic missile, with a virtually unlimited range’ and onderwaterdrones with nuclear propulsion.

The Kremlin clashed in recent years regularly with the West. The Russian involvement in the conflicts in Ukraine and Syria, accusations of cyber attacks and various other issues, the relationship between Moscow and western capitals, pressured.

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