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Professional clubs must be at least 250 youth players away

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All professional clubs must be at least 250 young players away, because the U17 and U19 to be merged to the U18.

From the season 2018-2019 no U17 and not U19 anymore. That melt together to the U18. The idea behind it? The U19 was often seen as ballast. Great talents pushed straight through the U21 and U19 ended up the rest the majority of whom later afvloeide. The guys from the U19 played, therefore, an unnecessary competition. The reform was deemed necessary to the chaff faster from the chaff to separate.

The result is that every professional club now have a full jeugdkern: Standard and Charleroi are 30 to 40 man, with Anderlecht and AA Gent will be about 20 players. According to insiders, a total of at least 250 players, but there may be more. Many people have to move away to the amateurteams or even less, but to create a watervalsysteem, because then there is young way.

A lot of opposition

Club Brugge was one of the proponents. They lobbyden for a two-thirds majority within the Pro League. They claim that everything on the term itself will regulate and that the runners later still no future as a professional footballer. “We realize that it is a hard measure seems to be,” says Pascal De Maesschalck, head of the youth at Club Brugge. “But we are professional clubs that young people need to prepare for the highest level. The influx of Belgian talent in our first class is low. Therefore, we need our youth to better arm themselves. Less guys in the delusion that they are still able to retrieve, quickly assess who has the potential and so stronger cores together.’

But not all clubs agree. As find Standard and Anderlecht this reform is not a good thing. They argue that laatbloeiers such as Dries Mertens and Sven Kums in this system may not or less likely had to break through. They find it unfair that some teenagers now have to be turned away because they are not yet mature enough. The chance to make a mistake and laatrijpe toppers to let go, is much bigger. The measure obviously can not be more, but the last word is not yet said.

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