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Pro League ties fight against piracy: no illegal livestreams more

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To the value of the tv rights of the Belgian football to protect, the Pro League to fight piracy and illegal streaming of its matches on the internet. It will, therefore, use of a computer system of LaLiga, Marauder called. The system this season already deployed for all the matches of the play-offs.

The Pro League concluded with LaLiga in January, a contract for the rest of the season and also took an option on an extra season. If the evaluation after the play-offs is positive, will that option be removed. The professional clubs put 115.000 euros on the table, which 36.247 euro for the current season and 78.798 euros for next season. The cost is borne by the clubs in the Jupiler Pro League and deducted from the income from the tv rights. The rights holders pay the technical costs associated with the transfer of the images to LaLiga.

Illegal streams on websites and social media

Marauder is an automated computer system that has been developed for and by LaLiga, the prof league of the Spanish football league. The program consists of an algorithm that have to search for illegal streams on websites and social media. Once the images detected are, try Marauder the streams to block. The Pro League is the first other prof league for that purpose by the Spanish colleagues and come back. In the Primera Division is already four years with Marauder worked. On social media deleted LaLiga more than 268.000 videos, 9.000 accounts were blocked. Approximately 140 mobile applications, and 500 URL’s, which illegal links to images of the league shared, were taken offline.

It is sufficient that the images of the Jupiler Pro League to add to Marauder, then a research unit of LaLiga illegal content online viruses. Especially the livestreams and the summaries that the Pro League offline, you want to get. The cooperation with LaLiga also holds agreements with Google (Youtube) and Facebook, who make their programs available to the rights holders to prevent illegal videos on the social media block.

Problem for the rights holders

Piracy was in the negotiations regarding the current tv contract is regularly mentioned as a problem for the rights holders. “We noticed that the technology is greatly evolving. Legally it is also not easy to be against to act. Websites to change just domain name and go on. There was a great need for a technological solution to the problem”, explains Leander Monbaliu of the Pro League to Belga. “Therefore, the Pro League is a working group on Piracy. In november we sat together for the first time with LaLiga to look at how they tackled the problem. Ultimately, it is up to a cooperation.”

The Pro League will see the fight against piracy as an investment in its own product. “Our clubs need to be better in the long run. Illegal streams affect the economic value of our league. Many of our clubs are in great degree dependent on the income from the tv rights. If that tv rights value decrease, this will have a direct effect on the budgets of our clubs,” explains Monbaliu, legal advisor of the Pro League.

To the Belgian football fan to make them aware of the consequences of piracy, launches the Belgian prof league one campaign. In a video message with the words, ” when piracy appears, it is the football that disappears’ indicates the Pro League on the pernicious consequences of it.

“This unique collaboration with LaLiga shows that we are determined to address these issues thoroughly to address”, responded CEO Pierre François. “This campaign, together with the growing success of Belgian football and the investments in new production technologies, the interest in our product to an even higher level, but also nationally and internationally.”

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