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Pro League is going to women’s financial support, Proximus sponsors e-sportcompetitie

39c4c79b0d6021f64201c30acfcc31c6 - Pro League is going to women's financial support, Proximus sponsors e-sportcompetitie

The Pro League makes 300.000 euro from tv-rights freely for the benefit of women’s football, as decided by the general meeting of the Pro League on Monday.

The Pro League will be an annual amount to free up for the clubs a team have registered with the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association). So is there an annual 50,000 euro to the 5 clubs who have a team registered in the Super League. 20,000 euros will be allocated for the team in the first national division, and 10,000 euro for the two teams in the second national division.

“We have asked the belgian football association to create a budget for the Super League women’s football. The Pro League promised a similar amount. The royal belgian football association wanted 100,000 euros, an amount that is directly derived from a grant from FIFA. That is not much, the Pro League is too little and has therefore decided in the own pouch to erode and his promises more than and to come”, says CEO Pierre François. Tentative draws in the Pro League € 300,000. “But that can still increase, we encourage our clubs to have a female team in writing in the second division.”

Pierre François also confirmed that Proximus the main sponsor of the e-sportcompetitie that the Pro League from next season, wants to organize on FIFA19. For more details about that in the course of the week published.

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