Poisoning Skripal is no isolated case’, says Boris Johnson

0d6b9f1685d723a04dc8b49664346e93 - Poisoning Skripal is no isolated case’, says Boris Johnson

The poisoning of the former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal in the Uk, Salisbury is no isolated case, but the latest in a pattern of reckless behavior by the Russian state’. That said the British minister of Foreign Affairs Boris Johnson Monday at the headquarters of Nato in Brussels.

‘The use of such poison, is a violation of the chemical weapons Convention, and a flagrant violation of international law, ” says Johnson. The British minister also said that there is a big difference in the support that London has now get and the reaction of other countries following the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko.

The pattern of reckless Russian behavior ‘goes back many years, ” said the British minister. He and Nato secretary-general Jens) pointed to the annexation of the peninsula of the Crimea, cyber-attacks and the involvement in the Syrian conflict. ‘The Russian state has shown a clear contempt for the international order, international law and international values.”

Support of Nato

According to Johnson, should Britain and its allies – including the Nato – working together to misinformation from Russia to to address and money to track down that ” illegal or corruptly obtained’. ) Stressed that London can count on the support of Nato.

The Nato chief called on Russia to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) complete clarity about the program novitsjok’ (the zenuwgif). Also, the Nato chief reiterated that Russia has a pattern of reckless behavior, against which the alliance responds, among other things, a souped-up troepenaanwezigheid in the three Baltic states and in Poland. However, he said that Nato remains open to meaningful dialogue.

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