Petition calls on prince Philip from Netflix series ‘The Crown’ on gender pay gap, with Queen to make a donation to Time’s Up

e0064770b58d8676c9616a88975bc05c - Petition calls on prince Philip from Netflix series 'The Crown' on gender pay gap, with Queen to make a donation to Time's Up

Matt Smith, who played the role of the British prince Philip played in the historical drama series about the British monarchs on Netflix, is put under pressure by a petition that the former ‘Doctor Who’actor, calls to be a part of his wages to donate to the Time’s Up-move. It comes to the gender pay gap with his female companion in the series, Queen Elizabeth. Actress Claire Foy, who is the Queen plays, would reportedly far less money than Smith. That message entertainmentmagazine The Hollywood Reporter.

A few days ago it became known that Foy less earned than Smith, which is a lot of brows did frown as Foy the largest role in the series. The petition asks the CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings, and Smith is a clear signal to women that such a salarisverschil can’t.

At a conference in Israel made ‘The Crown’-the show’s producers officially announced that Foy less deserved than her male partner during the first two seasons of the Golden Globes award-winning Netflix hit. The producers attributed the pay gap to the fact that Smith has more experience and fame enjoyed by his role in ‘Doctor Who’, but to emphasize that from season three of “no one gets paid than the Queen”.

22,000 signatures of the target of 25,000 is the goal almost reached. The petition comes two months after a similar initiative that Mark Wahlberg pressured to the $ 1.5 million that he earned during new recordings of ‘All The Money In The World than his female colleague Michelle Williams, who just a 1000 dollar received to donate. Did the actor: he and his agency spent $ 2 million in a fund from Time’s Up.

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