Pano: how are full the attacks of march 22, 2016 for the victims after?

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Two years after the attacks of march 22, examines the Pano in his report next Wednesday posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in victims of the attack.

What impact have the attacks of 22 march today? People with PTSD do not carry any visible physical injuries, but struggle mentally every day with this underexposed phenomenon. Pano are looking for some of the victims and speak with them about how march 22, 2016 their life changed.

Tells Petra that the attacks themselves endured, but thankfully no serious injuries suffered, about her guilt:

I feel very guilty towards the people who are there serious injuries have suffered or died. Why I don’t and they do? I’m afraid that people think I’m exaggerating. But I’m not exaggerating. In a certain sense, I am also a victim. But I think that the society that is not so.”

Many of the victims of the attacks, however, still struggle with fears, nightmares, and social isolation. Find help for individuals with PTSD are often not self-evident.

“I already have two years of feeling that I constantly have to justify to control doctors and insurance,” says Katarina, that her mother lost in the attacks of march 22.

Together we are strong

Out of necessity, therefore, are initiatives established. Katarina found a way to have forms of PTSD to happen through outreach to other victims, and was spokesperson at V-Europe. Strong together, fight together, so is her vision.

“We have nothing done wrong. And still, we have our rights to enforce. The medical costs and bills come faster than the assistance of the government. So, some among us in poverty. That can not yet?”

“If, again, such a horrific attack to occur in our country, then the only thing we would hear, “there is work”, but that “working” takes in the meantime already two years.”

However, when victims with posttraumatic stress disorder be treated properly, recovery is possible. As is apparent from the research of Pano abroad. What can our country learn from that?

A report of Machteld Libert, Sara Boxtael and Sofie Vaes.

Pano, Wednesday 21 march at 21: 25 hours on One.

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