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Olcay Gülşen want tv program with Jan Versteegh

90bf645d8ca59cbfaa37e093a05abf08 - Olcay Gülşen want tv program with Jan Versteegh

Olcay Gülşen wants a new tv program starting with Jan Versteegh. The two were earlier this month in the finale of Wie is de Mol? Despite that Jan her for months concealed that he was the Mole, was, wants, Olcay happy to work with him again.

The fashion entrepreneur is late in the ochtendshow of Lex Gaarthuis on Radio 10 know that they with Jan Versteegh in conversation about a joint program. “It is still not completely sure,” says Olcay. “I am no unknown to BNNVARA and I have spoken now more tv ambitions. So one and the one in this case could very well have two.”

Who is the Mole?

Jan and Olcay were a close-knit team in Wie is de Mol?, although Jan its as a Mole for weeks cheated. He found it not so difficult, because Olcay blind on Reuben sat. When her good friend the Mole turned out to be, was Olcay in amazement: “Jan, the one that I most trust. I can never claim that I have somewhat knowledge of human nature.”

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