Neil Young makes Netflix film of partner Daryl Hannah for SXSW festival

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At the Paramount Theater in Austin (Texas) have Neil Young and his partner, actress Daryl Hannah, the movie, “Paradox” is proposed. That makes music magazine Rolling Stone is known. Young starred in the movie and made the soundtrack. The performance is part of the South by Southwest festival (abbreviated as SXSW), which, since 1987, is held annually in Austin, texas, in the United States.

The western movie was partly on 8mm film format and partly with the mobile phone of Hannah filmed in just four days in the Rocky Mountains. It is the debut film of the 57-year-old actress and environmentalist Daryl Hannah, the life partner of the Young, who in ‘Kill Bill’ and the Netflix series ‘Sense8’ appeared. “It’s a funny, trippy homemade project that’s partially from acting exists, and partly from frivolous dagdromerij”, she led the premiere in. “We would like to emphasize that we previously ‘pot’ (cannabis) on the ‘plot’ have school,” she joked.

‘Paradox’ is the story of a cowboygang that hides in the hills, looking for relics of the past. The members bear names like Jail Time and The Particle Kid. The film lapping quietly: philosopher Nietzsche is quoted, the men hang around a bit and Young plays on his acoustic guitar. The American country singer Willie Nelson appears as a gunfighter and helps you are still with a bank robbery. It turns out to be a spermabank.

Young provides the music, along with the American rock band Promise of the Real. An album with the soundtrack will also be offered for sale.

Rockveteraan Young directed several films, mainly concertfilms, but also a few feature films such as the comedy “Human Highway” from 1982, with a role for Dennis Hopper. About “Paradox”, he declared that he was the vision of Hannah so trusted that he “never had the script read”.

“Paradox” is from the 23rd of march on Netflix.

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