Memphis: “I don’t miss out to be among the best in the world to hear

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Memphis Depay gave Olympique Lyon Sunday night profit at Olympique Marseille, and the attacker logs Monday afternoon full of confidence for the Dutch national team.

Memphis Depay is happy after his winning goal.

“Of course I want the best player in the world, and against great teams and absolute star players play,” said Depay, after the end of the won duel (2-3) compared to Canal Football Club.


“What I still miss to be with the best players in the world to hear? In terms of qualities to be honest, nothing. I miss only a certain degree of consistency in my game to among the best to hear. That is not arrogance. I should, however, take risks in my game to the best players to come. If I want to be, I can’t simply play”, commented Depay.

“I am as a footballer on the way to the top, and I’m only 24. When Cristiano Ronaldo 24 was, he was also still on the way. Moreover, I can with Olympique Lyon is not the best player in the world. That is clearly” decided Depay, which is around noon at Orange in Zeist reports. Coach Ronald Koeman light in the course of the afternoon, choices.

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