Megan now shares the sheets with… the best friend of Joshua

8fb49c2bb34d84dc0af871cc2fdf15d6 - Megan now shares the sheets with... the best friend of Joshua

Has Megan in Temptation Island her arrows aimed in Joshua, once at home in Belgium, it is clear that the ex of Kevin a new love. It comes to Jochen Meykens and that’s just the best friend of Joshua.

It is the tempter himself who the news on his Instagram Stories confirmed. With a picture in which Megan Jochen a kiss on his cheek, he writes: “I am happy that my friend is a good girl.” And also Megan is not running longer to get the hot knitted. On her account to see pictures of Jochen in bed and that they are together in a club.

Megan and Joshua shared in Temptation Island, but regular sheets. In the last episode to see how the seducer there is a point behind, because he has no feelings for Megan and she admitted him to like it.

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