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‘Matt Smith must salarisverschil The Crown make a donation to Time’s Up-movement’

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Actor Matt Smith should be salarisverschil between him and Claire Foy for The Crown to donate to the Time’s Up-move. Think that’s 22,000 people that a petition was signed after it became known that Matt is more deserved than his tegenspeelster.

The products of The Crown have admitted that Claire Foy, who is queen Elizabeth plays in the successful Netflix production, less was paid than Matt Smith. Matt deserved more because of his fame as the eleventh Doctor in Doctor Who. That is now past, because the salary of ‘Queen’ Claire Foy is adjusted. “From now on, no-one gets paid more than the Queen,” promises creative director Suzanne Mackie for the third season.

Mark Wahlberg

Thanks to the Time’s Up-movement is the salarisverschil between male and female actors is a current topic of discussion. Recently dumped Mark Wahlberg $ 1.5 million to the fund that he received for the reshoots of the film All the money in the world. Where he salarisstrookje with six zeros got, gave the filmmakers tegenspeelster Michelle Williams no 1000 dollar for the heropnames.

Time’s Up

Mark Wahlberg listened to the fuss and donated all the money he got for the reshoots to Time’s Up, in the name of Michelle Williams. The fund used the donations to legal expense of less privileged and victims of sexual abuse to pay.

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