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Martin “John Watson” Freeman does not want a fifth season of Sherlock

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There will probably be no fifth season of the BBC series Sherlock. Martin Freeman, who played the role of John Watson played, is not to wait.

That has everything to do with the reactions of the fans. In an interview with The Telegraph tells Martin that after the fourth season he for the time being done with it. The fourth season was not as well received as the previous seasons. “Sherlock was, from the beginning of noticeable high quality. If you are so high starts, it is difficult to maintain.”


It is not the criticism, but above all the personal push by the fans to ensure that Freeman there is no sense in. “Part of that show is like a mini-Beatlessituatie. The expectations of people are just not fun anymore. It is not something to enjoy, it is more like: “Better if you do this f*cking thing, otherwise you’re an asshole. That is not fun anymore.”

No love for Johnlock

Martin Freeman annoys them the most on the whole “bromance” between his character John Watson and Sherlock Holmes, played by Benedict Cumberbatch. A large fanbase claims that the characters in the series are in love. “There was a crowd of people who certainly knew that we were at the end of Sherlock together.” According to The Telegraph sounds the actor is 15 months after the recordings, still irritated.

Benedict Cumberbatch

“Ben and I have literally never played that we loved ones are,” says Martin. In the interview accounts for once and for all with the ‘Johnlock’-shippers. “We are not f*cking loved ones.” Provisionally, we do not need new season of Sherlock , to be expected, but there is a chance that we Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman together will see acting. Freeman plays in the blockbuster Black Panther, while Cumberbatch in the Doctor Strangeproductions. Both films play out in the Marvel universe, so hope to have a cross-over is always.

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