Luizenmoeder-star Henry van Loon narrator in film

04fefeb4491d1676394e994d7958e526 - Luizenmoeder-star Henry van Loon narrator in film

Henry van Loon is soon to be seen and heard as the narrator of the documentary Goin’ Rectal. The film from director Denis Alink is Sunday, april 8, to see 3Lab, the VPRO made Monday known.

Of Wage broke in recent weeks by the big audience thanks to his role in the hit series The Luizenmoeder. He plays the practical but inadequate concierge Volkert.

Goin’ Rectal is a documentary about a band and its cucumber-devouring, homo-erotic, and extravagant post-pubertal group. In this absurd spectacle reflects narrator Henry van Loon on the choices and the developments of the ever-struggling glamrockband Rectum Raiders, who despite the blood, sweat and tears but do not know to break through. The struggles and disappointments of the band members show a parallel with that of many millennials.

The Rectum Raiders were already seen in DWDD and have a fanatical constituency built up. But despite appearances at festivals such as Zwarte Cross festival, TT Assen, Popronde and Paaspop remains the major breakthrough until now.

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