Koeman will duel with England is no good time for goodbye Sneijder

d14b64020853b4b6450b9fe51c7450e6 - Koeman will duel with England is no good time for goodbye Sneijder

Coach Ronald Koeman of the Dutch national team and found the friendly competition of upcoming Friday in the Johan Cruijff Arena in Amsterdam against England is not an appropriate time to Wesley Sneijder saying goodbye to the audience.

“At this moment there are so many changes going on in the Dutch national team. With all due respect to Wesley, but there must now give the attention lie”, said Koeman on Monday at a press conference in Zeist.

“Wesley don’t worry, he’s going to have a farewell get. In a way the Netherlands can show that we are players in a grand manner to celebrate.”

Sneijder, 133 international matches record international Orange, decided recently after a conversation with Koeman making a stop in Orange, but hoped that he would be selected for the duel with England so he is in a full stadium goodbye could be.

“It’s not about me, it’s important that I put together with the fans a moment to say goodbye”, let Sneijder last week, in conversation with the NOS know.

“I’m fifteen years continuously, I record international. Such as Arjen Robben his retirement has been given, I think that is it for me too.”

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Robben took over in October last year at the age of 33 and after 96 international matches in style farewell of Orange by two goals against Sweden (2-0 victory). Koeman told on Monday that he in vain tried to bring the attacker of Bayern Munich on the mind.

“I know he retired but I had the feeling that the door still stood ajar. And a Robben in form is certainly still of value for Orange,” said the new coach. “But he really is permanently stopped.”

Robin van Persie (34), which in 102 international matches with 50 goals made, may still hope that he ever should return in Orange.

“Robin must first complete fit to be”, said Koeman. “I have also told him. But he has Sunday to come back to class to show them”, that he meant on the two hits of robin Van Persie for Feyenoord against PEC Zwolle.

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