KNVB carries videoscheidsrechter in all the duels in Eredivisie

2469e69287ddbfe58afc40d31d5f1db3 - KNVB carries videoscheidsrechter in all the duels in Eredivisie

All matches in the Premier league from next season, the decision about the videoscheidsrechter. All clubs have Monday agreed with the introduction of the technical tool.

The videoarbiter (VAR) was recently spelregelcommissie IFAB officially added to the international rules of the game, in which nothing more stood in the way of an appearance in the Premier league.

The videoscheidsrechter can only intervene in ‘grave and clear errors’ or ‘missed serious incidents’. So, for example, can be used to check whether the ball is over the line is and whether or not there is a penalty kick.

Also, should the VAR to intervene if a player a red card deserves, while the referee on the field, an infringement with a yellow card has been dismissed, or if the wrong player is penalized.

Unique moment

“This is a unique moment in Dutch football, where we have been for quite some time to go to work”, says general director Eric Gudde of the KNVB. “In that time we have in the Netherlands proved the precursor to be in the area of the videoscheidsrechter.”

The professional clubs voted Monday to unanimously in the General Assembly professional Football. In recent years, the VAR already experimented during matches in the KNVB cup, play-offs and Johan Cruijff Schaal.

The videoscheidsrechter is this season used at 324 duels. It is going to be 306 matches in the Premier league, the final of the play-offs for promotion and relegation, semi finals and finals of the play-offs for European football, the Johan Cruijff Scale and all matches from the quarter finals in the cup.

Fairer course

With the introduction hopes the KNVB that the competitions fairer expired and the referees on the field to be better supported. “There will be virtually any soccer agree,” said Gudde.

The coming period is to further uitwerkering of the system worked. “In the background we are, of course, already a busy time, but the coming months will be the introduction of the VAR really take shape”, says Gudde. “I look forward to the time that we Friday August 11, at the start of the Premier league really going to start.”

The videoscheidsrechter is next summer also used at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Russia. Thus, the FIFA last week. In the Champions League is as yet no appeal is made to the tool.

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