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Jan the Hope furious at the pet shop

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Jan the Hope is fond of his dog, Bob. Unfortunately, it does not go well with Jans companion, and so orders special Pathé for Bob. When an order went wrong and lost Jan all hope in the company.

Jan was so angry that he direct a tweet to the world lurched. “Order never, ever something for your pet at @zooplusNL. What a gang. Special pate for our Bob is looking for and the gentleman on the phone is no way to move, to find out what’s going on,” he wrote in all the rage.


Quickly deleted Jan the tweet, to direct his apologies to make. “I had the tweet about the pate for Bob not to post. For me, it’s all very emotional with Bob,” he said humbly.


Jan is not the first CELEBRITIES who regret a message on the social media. Among others, Nicolette van Dam went already wrong. She tweeted during the world cup an edited picture of Colombian soccer players who cocaine snoven. This gave the Dutch presenter suddenly irate messages from Him. Also, the largest daily newspaper of Colombia took the message. “This is the ambassador of Unicef that the Colombian national team has been offended,” wrote El Tiempo.

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