Jan the Hope explodes when shop pâté for dog lost

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Jan de Hoop is on Twitter ranting has gone against a large shop in dierenbenodigdheden, after which the pâté for his dog was lost.

Jan the Hope is devastated: his dear boxer Bob is already a few days sick

“Special pate for our Bob is looking for and the gentleman on the phone is no way to move, to find out what’s going on,” he wrote, furious on Twitter. He called his followers to make ’never, never’ something for your pet at the appropriate shop to order.

He was soon to regret his outburst and tweette about this as well. “I had the tweet about the pate for Bob not to post. for me, it’s all very emotional with Bob,” he said. His boxer is currently sick, and also a reason that The Hope for no vlog posted. It makes for crowds and nights with little sleep, he wrote two days ago.

That The Hope of quite an animal lover, it was also when he became the presenter of Ontbijtnieuws refused images broadcast in which little pigs were castrated.

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