Ilse Warringa in vrouwenversie Wrong Friends

65e26f53f109eb75970ba2ab77f2d1b2 - Ilse Warringa in vrouwenversie Wrong Friends

RTL 5 is going to be a female version of the program Wrong make Friends. Actress Ilse Warringa, known for her role as a Teacher Ank in The Luizenmoeder, is one of the girlfriends. The other contestants will be published, so let RTL know.

False Friends is the world to see under the name of Impractical Jokers. The netherlands is the first country with a vrouwenversie. The program is on 10 may for the first time to see.

Just as in False Friends sent the friends a for a in all kinds of strange situations by performing tasks. One of them will get a ear in and the others to whisper to her in what she should say or do. A hidden camera captures the reactions of unsuspecting passers-by.

Pim Muda, Albert Jan van Rees, Pepijn Gunneweg, Leo Alkemade and Tim Kamps are the faces of False Friends. In the first two seasons also did comedian Klaas van der Eerden.

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