Ilse ’teacher Ank’ Warringa and Tjitske Reidinga in comedy

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Ilse Warringa (l.) and Tjitske Reidinga

Ilse Warringa, Tjitske Reidinga and Peter Blok, are the next season to see in the new theaterkomedie Single Campsite. Also Rop Verheijen and Elise Sheep are to be seen in the representation that as of February 2019 in theatres in the Netherlands, made manufacturer Bos Theaterproducties Monday known.

Single Camping is a new musical and sweet and sour comedy about the benefits and burdens of a summer vacation if you are single with children. The play is written and directed by Marije Gubbels.

Ilse Warringa broke in recent months, to the public at large as the direct teacher Ank in mega-hit The Luizenmoeder. Also Rop Verheijen was in the series to see if homovader Walter.

The premiere of Single Campsite is on 7 march in Amsterdam. After that, the comedy until July 2019 in the theaters. The ticket sales start in may.

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