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“I desire to a long battle with Max Verstappen”

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Esteban Ocon, F1-pilot and protégé of Mercedes, says immediately to draw to have a chance to get to Max Verstappen to compete for the F1 title. It would be a fight that intense rivalry of the karting would revive.

Esteban Ocon, driver at Force India, was defeated by Max Verstappen in 2011 during the battle for the title in the Euro WSK karting competition. The Frenchman took revenge in 2014 when he and the title went running in the Formula 3, while Verstappen finished third.

Max Verstappen is now in a safe position at Red Bull, while Ocon in his second full season in the Formula 1 starts at Force India and also has an eye on a future at Mercedes.

“If there is a possibility to fight for the championship with him, then I would immediately say yes,” says Ocon, as opposed to ‘Racing’. “Charles (Leclerc), Max, the are both very good riders and I race against them since the beginning. I know how good they are and I am confident that we will meet in the future return to encounter on the job.”

Ocon had the following to say about his rivalry with Verstappen.

“It started already in 2010 and 2011. We were not friends. It was a very intense battle, perhaps a little too intense at a particular moment. Now there is no problem. We may well with each other.”

Max Verstappen can certainly be found in the explanation of Ocon.

“We were definitely not as many positive moments with each other. When we could not interact with each other. But that’s part of the sport. It is normal, I had the same situation with Charles Leclerc.”

While Esteban Ocon until the middle of 2016 had to wait to make his debut in Formula 1, after the title in the GP3 and a period at the DTM, went to Max Verstappen straight to Formula 3 to Formula 1 with Toro Rosso. The Dutchman was Red Bull promoted after a little more than a year and won the first race with Red Bull.

“It was definitely difficult to accept,” says Ocon on the rapid transition of Verstappen to a top team. “I won for itself the title in the Formula 3, and he went to the Formula 1,” says Ocon about Verstappen.

“That was not easy for me. But I knew that my time was coming, because I am surrounded by the right people. I still continue to learn. If you have multiple cars you can drive, then you are better when it comes to the title,” sounds Ocon combative.

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