Henk Schiffmacher Tuesday is back on stage

d149e7179fbdff7a1152af9d382e61f4 - Henk Schiffmacher Tuesday is back on stage

Henk Schiffmacher is Tuesday night back on the shelves. The tattookoning, at the beginning of march in the hospital with heart problems, is fit enough to tour.

Schiffmacher is Tuesday in Veendam and grabs his tour is back on as planned. For the performances that he has to cancel, substitute data referred to. Likely to be those shows on the planned tour is pasted, a spokesman said. “But that also depends of the theatres.”

Henk’s tour is not adapted, but his performance probably. “Henk knew this back in the show, he likes the news and there will be one or the other joke about.”

Schiffmacher was rushed to the hospital with heart problems. The 65-year-old tattookoning had been battling for a while with breathing problems at the beginning of march worsened. After two weeks in the hospital was Schiffmacher Tuesday dismissed.

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