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Gers Pardoel running burns during a show in Antwerp

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During the performance of the Dutch singer Gers Pardoel in the Antwerp Lotto Arena was the Sunday night as wrong. During one of the numbers spouted fireworks from the stage, just at the time that the singer has something to close. “The flame went through my shirt.’

“We had fireworks during a number of songs’ and told the singer this morning on radio station MNM. ‘At a given moment, there I was in the neighborhood and hustle someone on the button who had not seen. I bent down to me and then came that vuurwerkspuit under my T-shirt.’

Pardoel ran derdegraadsbrandwonden on to his elbow and the right, but has no pain and relativizes the event. After the incident was the singer a bit of the stage in order to obtain and took Bart Peeters the action temporarily. “I’m just a tea drink and I soon realised what had happened. I also have another shirt attracted, because there was quite a hole in it.’

A scare for performances, the singer in each case not incurred, and next year he is 23 years again in the Lotto Arena. “I promise that we’re even crazier, with even more fireworks, but I’m not going near you.”

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