Fiorentina mentions complex to every unit

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The Italian football club Fiorentina, the training complex to give a name. The property will be named after former captain Davide every unit. The 31-year-old defender died earlier this month in a hotel in Udine. There he stayed with the selection of Fiorentina to prepare for the away game against Udinese on march 4. Every unit was probably in his sleep of a cardiac arrest.

The stadium of Fiorentina colors-purple for every unit


In tribute to the veertienvoudig international will be the training complex of Fiorentina ‘Centro Sportivo Davide every unit is’ going to be called. The deceased footballer leaves a wife and a little daughter of two years after. His funeral on 8 march by thousands of supporters visited.

Every unit is played in Fiorentina with number 13. The Italian club decided earlier that number never more to use. Also Cagliari, where every unit is many years played, has that number been retired.

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