F-16-pilots speak for the first time

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A year is the life and work of Belgian F-16 pilots followed, in operations over a war zone, on exercise abroad and in the daily work at the airbase of Kleine Brogel. For the first time this elitepiloten willing to testify about their work, their world and their lives. In F-16, a reportagereeks of VTM NEWS, open the Belgian air Force for the first time the doors of the otherwise closed world of the F-16, the supersonic fighter.

Kris Hoflack – General editor VTM NEWS: “We have in VTM NEWS often about the operations of the Belgian F-16’s message. Often forced at a distance. I am glad that our viewers will now be able to show how the world of the F-16 pilots there really looks like.”

Nine pilots come in F-16 at the word. The most completely recognizable. Yet it is for their own safety, their real name not be used. Fortunately, it is a tradition in their world together with the nickname to call. So, Flanders will become acquainted with flamboyant nicknames such as Sprinklers, Chipo, Shell, or Gizmo. But not only the pilots pass the revue. Soon it will be clear that there are many jobs are needed for one F-16 in the air to get and to keep.

One pilot is not recognizable in the picture. He is followed by his operations over Iraq and Syria, where the Belgian F-16’s in command of the international coalition terrorist group IS a halt. For obvious reason, the ministry of Defence wants, not that he was recognizable in the picture. No one on the base in Jordan to work, should indeed be recognized. Safety, also on the home front, is a priority. For the first time were allowed to board the aircraft, even the small action camera’s are mounted that the operations above enemy territory filmed.

Why park everyone at Kleine Brogel backwards? You need a world-class athlete for this job? What does it do with a pilot for a bomb to drop?

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