European Union condemns attack Salisbury

c6601a4bd967b729cff430e9da2012da - European Union condemns attack Salisbury

BRUSSELS – The European Union Monday, the attack with nerve gas on a former double agent and his daughter in Salisbury in strong terms condemned. “The EU has taken the British observation that Russia is most likely responsible very seriously,” said the EU ministers of Foreign Affairs in a statement.

The union calls on Moscow to all the questions that the British and the international community have made to answer and direct full disclosure to the organization against chemical weapons (OPCW) about the novitsjok program. Novitsjok is the nerve that when the attack is used.

“The lives of many citizens were threatened by these reckless and illegal act. The EU is shocked and unconditional solidarity with the United Kingdom”, the statement said. “The use of chemical weapons under any circumstances is completely unacceptable and poses a security threat for all of us.”

The British minister Boris Johnson has called the Russian denials are “still more absurd”, referring to the Russian assertion this weekend that Britain itself, the Czech republic, Slovakia, the United States or Sweden, the possible countries of origin of the nerve.

“They love no one more for the crazy. This is a classic Russian strategy. People can see that Russia is trying a needle of truth in a haystack of truth to hide,” said Johnson, who later in the day, NATO chief Jens) met.

The German minister Heiko Maas said that any new sanctions in question would come if the British are there for the asking. He reported that, according to him, to a case between the United Kingdom and Russia, and that it is important is in talks to remain with the Kremlin.

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