’EU driven by anti-Russian reflexes’

781d38fd3d83a72a0c711fd63e3e8f06 - ’EU driven by anti-Russian reflexes’

MOSCOW – The Russian ministry of Foreign Affairs finds that the comments Monday at a meeting of the Foreign ministers of the European Union are driven by “anti-Russian reflexes.”

The EU ministers announced the attack with nerve gas on a former double agent and his daughter in Salisbury in strong terms to condemn it. “The EU has taken the British observation that Russia is most likely responsible very seriously,” said the EU ministers of Foreign Affairs in a statement.

“We regret that the European Union again obey to the misleading comments of ‘eurosolidariteit’ and to the increase of anti-Russian reflexes”, said the Russian ministry in a reaction. “This state of affairs though, the common foreign policy of the EU, of course not.”

Moscow also added that all chemical weapons in Russia be destroyed. A fact that the EU ignores, says the ministry.

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