Erdogan: operations in Syria are going through

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ANKARA – Turkey will continue with military operations in Syria. That said the Turkish president Erdogan, who proposed the “terrorists” to want to expel it from the areas around Manbij, Kamishli, Kobani and Ras al-Ayn. The Turkish leader was not out also will occur against Kurdish fighters in Northern Iraq.

The Turkish president Erdogan.

Turkey began earlier this year, an offensive against Kurdish militia in northwestern Syria. They are by Ankara seen as extensions of the terrorist PKK movement. Turkish troops and their allies reached Sunday, the center of the city of Afrin, the most important place in the eponymous region.

The Turkish government has already indicated previously, the YPG militia to want to expel from Manbij, where the Kurds cooperating with American special operations units. The Americans see the Kurdish fighters as key partners in Syria, because of the fight against IS.

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