’Do not take drinks from unknown’

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Leuven – You can smell ’t is not, you see ’t is not, and especially your taste of not. That makes it so dangerous. A pill Rohypnol or a few milliliters of GHB in your drink should be enough for hours of the world.

Toxicologist Jan Tijtgat after drogering Dutch girls in Antwerp: take never drink from another.

“Therefore, never a drink of an unknown as you do,” warns toxicologist Jan Tytgat of the catholic university in Leuven after the sexual assault of two Dutch girl this weekend in Antwerp in The flemish newspaper het Nieuwsblad.

There has already been so often warned, and yet it happens. Two young women in a nightclub who manage to survive. An unknown man comes up to them and offers them something to drink. The next day, the women wake up and they remember nothing of the evening and the night before. But they do have a trauma, so the police of Antwerp.

Toxicologist Jan Tytgat of the catholic university of Leuven can not be loud enough to warn of the dangers of verkrachtingsdrugs. “They are liquid, colorless and odorless. And there is but very little to someone defenseless.”

He answers our most frequently asked questions about these drugs.

What types of verkrachtingsdrugs are mainly used?

“You have the benzodiazepines, sleep, and tranquilizers, Rohypnol, the best known and most powerful. In addition, there is liquid ecstasy (GHB). And ketamine, which is slightly less typical is as verkrachtingsdrug. It is previously used to a general trip to experience”, says professor Tytgat.

How are they administered?

They are unnoticed in a glass of alcohol mixed. Especially when GHB is that easy. It is liquid, colorless and odorless. The stuff is usually unnoticed in a glass thrown. The victim mixes it up often, even without realizing just by paying with a straw in the drink to stir.

Rohypnol is a pill that should fix it. Producers have recently made the drug a green-blue color when you have it in a liquid throws. But in a coloured cocktail and in a dark nightclub, it is difficult to see. Especially if you are partying, you have no eye for.

So a small bottle is quickly poured into a cocktail glass. The consequences can be serious.

How much is it going to take someone ‘defenseless’?

“Very little, all depends a bit on the stomach contents. How much advance has eaten and how long ago. One pill Rohypnol in Belgium prescription of the doctor is available at the pharmacy – is usually enough. Or a few milliliters of GHB, which is prohibited by our southern neighbours, but on the internet is offered for sale,” says Tytgat.

GHB is according to the police also often brewed. The recipes are on the internet. One of the items that often is used, is ontstoppingsmiddel.

How dangerous are these drugs?

“They usually sneak in a glass of alcohol mixed. Alcohol and benzodiazepines (Rohypnol, temesta, valium) have put together a ‘2+2=5’effect, ” says Jan Tytgat. “The combination is stronger than the algebraic sum. It makes you sleepy, dizzy and suffering from memory disorders.”

“GHB is dangerous in combination with alcohol and can in large quantities to coma lead,” says Tytgat.

What do you remember about the next day and they are afterwards easy to detect?

“The next day you remember as good as nothing. Maybe some vague shreds. Reconstruct what happened, or people describe or recognize who may be involved, is very difficult. GHB is afterwards also not easy to detect. I hope that there is rapid blood and/or urine samples are taken from that Dutch girls. Otherwise, it is likely that the forensics do not return to find in their body and is a great piece of evidence disappeared. Rohypnol continues to want something longer to detect,” says the belgian city of Leuven prof.

Can you see someone or he/she, in his or her drink has gotten?

“It is not the case that people suddenly sore, begin sweating, or that you have to their pupils, for example, can see that they verkrachtingsdrugs in their drink got. If you go out and your friend says suddenly that they feel drowsy, that she feels away and strange answers begins to give, there should be a bell going to ring,” says Tytgat against The Newspaper.

What do you do in such a case?

“Let the person with no time alone. They are still the means of absorbing from the stomach and the small intestine. You don’t know if the worst has already past or not yet to come. I would say, as quickly as possible to the First Aid. The spoedarts can Flumazinil administration. That is used as an antidote for an overdose of benzodiazepine drug.”

How can you protect?

“It’s very simple: never leave your glass half full or bottle stand in a dancing or even in a café. You go to the toilet or to the dance floor, make sure that friends or girlfriends the glass in the eye. Please never drink from someone you do not know or certainly not from someone who advances.”

“Because if you’re drunk and someone has unnoticed a verkrachtingsdrug in mixed, it is not stopping it. You feel after half an hour, dizzy, a bit in trance and you ultimately fall asleep. If you spend hours later regained consciousness, evil is often done and you stay behind with a trauma,” warns toxicologist Jan Tytgat, according to The Newspaper.

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