Deschamps can’t imagine that Pogba is happy at United

3c90e13b1c0212295f4b756b6ed513e6 - Deschamps can't imagine that Pogba is happy at United

The French coach Didier Deschamps is worried about Paul Pogba. The midfielder is more often than you would like to be on the bench at Manchester United.

Pogba, who in 2016 for more than 100 million euro happened to Juventus, if the last three duels of coach José Mourinho, United will not start. Last Saturday, he sat for another 90 minutes on the bench in the winning FA Cup match with Brighton & Hove Albion.

However, Deschamps in the midfield just included in the 25-man selection for the training duels with Colombia and Russia. The French keuzeheer is worry about his pupil.

“I don’t know where it is, but he won me doubtless tell. It is obviously not a situation where he is happy,” said Deschamps Monday.

“There are several reasons for this. I always try and talk a lot with my players during training camps. Then they can express their feelings. It is also not only to Paul. But it should be clear that he has the situation where he is not valued.”



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