’Clarification about abuse Facebook in US”

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BRUSSELS – EU commissioner Vera Jourova will travel Monday to Washington for talks on data protection. They want clarification from Facebook and the U.s. government about a possible abuse of private information of 50 million facebook users by the databedrijf Cambridge Analytica, let the Czech know.

Saturday it became known that the authorities in Massachusetts, an investigation into the alleged abuse. Cambridge Analytica would have the data used to create profiles of American voters. They were then bombarded with personalized political advertising, says The New York Times.

According to the European Commission, the misuse of personal data for political purposes is unacceptable. ,,Terrible, if it is confirmed, said Jourova this weekend. ,,This is what we want is not in the EU.’

Jourova met in Washington to the American minister Wilbur Ross (Trades) to talk about Privacy Shield. Therein are agreements between the EU and the U.S. captured about protection of personal data. That visit was already planned.

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