British volunteer who meevocht with Kurds killed

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LONDON – A British woman who meevocht with Kurdish militias, was killed in Syria. The convoy with the 26-year-old Anna Campbell, of East Sussex would have been hit by a rocket, messages British media. It is known to be the first time that a British woman in Syria was killed on the side of the Kurds.

Campbell joined first, in the so-called Female Volksbeschermingseenheden (YPJ) to organization IS to fight against it, say sources at The Guardian. The woman would have her commanders later have begged to Afrin to be sent, where the Kurds fight the Turks and their allies.

“They refused at first, but she insisted. She dyed her blonde hair black as a westerner less to fall”, says YPJ-source. “Eventually they gave up and she was allowed to go.” Friends of the deceased woman in Syria, saying that a Turkish air raid, her life has cost.

The father of Campbell told the BBC that his daughter is “idealistic” and “very determined”. “I have the feeling that I had to do to persuade to come home, but she was adamant.”

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