Brigitte Heitzer was still not done with Evita

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Brigitte Heitzer is a great honor that she redefined the role of Evita is allowed to play. “I’m still not done with her,” said Brigitte Monday on the castpresentatie of the musical in Amsterdam.

“There is so much of that woman to discover and she is in so many different ways to approach and play,” explains Brigitte. “Last time I was ten years younger. I have more in my backpack to be able to quit and the more life experience and more skills in the box. It is not all so new. So I am what gewapender, quieter. I hope its better can play.”

The role of Evita Duarte, who in the forties, the first lady of Argentina was on the side of colonel Juan Perón, requires the utmost of the actress. “Ten years ago, I was really a hermit for a year and a half. I never went on step. I never went to a café. I was never too hard and always went to sleep early. To my voice to spare, but it is also not easy to be every evening on the stage to die, and that story should tell about her illness. That just does something for you, especially if you are a long time to play. I really for the role in the lived, to that role as good as possible, to be able to do.”

The winner of In search of Evita 2007 did this time, no talent show through, or to audition for the starring role to date. Brigitte was in a conversation with producer Hans Cornelissen inspired told about the play of Evita. “I had from my heart are spoken.” Nevertheless, Brigitte was also a period in that they Don’t Cry For Me Argentina could no longer hear. “I couldn’t note more of her hear. I couldn’t be a song anymore to listen to, it was too much. If you already talked about Evita, I got all goose bumps. I had no more space for. At one point it went back to growing and I listened again to the cd and the music. Then I felt still so very much love.”

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