Brigitte Heitzer is once again playing Evita

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Brigitte Heitzer is playing after more than ten years again, the title role in a new Dutch version of the musical Evita.

Brigitte Heitzer

In the theater season 2007-2008 was Heitzer also in the theaters to see if Evita Duarte, who in the forties, the first lady of Argentina was on the side of colonel Juan Perón. She died at a young age.

Brigitte Heitzer won the starring role was in the television program In search of Evita, which was then a total of 1500 singers took part. Then played the 34-year-old actress in the productions of Miss Saigon, Petticoat, and Dial M for Murder.


In the new Evita shares Heitzer the stage with singer Marijn Brouwers (Juan Perón), and René van Kooten, who, as Che, the story of the wife of Juan Perón and comments. Other roles are there for Esmée Dekker and Yoran de Bont. Producer Hans Cornelissen presented the cast Monday in Amsterdam.

It is the fourth time that a Dutch-language adaptation of the piece is created. Previously, this happened in 1987 with Vera Mann in the lead role, and in 1995, with Pia Douwes. The multi award-winning production includes the world famous song Don’t Cry For Me Argentina. Evita is Monday 22 October in première in Carré theatre in Amsterdam.

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