Breakthrough: from now on videoref in Eredivisie

8b5b22420bcf1155781b89769aa1b75a - Breakthrough: from now on videoref in Eredivisie

The videoreferee is from next season permanently entered in the Eredivisie. That makes the KNVB known.

Videoscheidsrechter entered in Eredivisie

The football association reports that GFA’s unanimously for the introduction of the VAR have voted and there in the coming season so all games at the highest level football use can be made of the tool. “This is a unique moment in Dutch football, where we have been for quite some time to go to work. In that time we have in the Netherlands proved the precursor to be in the area of the videoscheidsrechter”, says general manager Eric Gudde.

In the past few years, the VAR (Video Assistant Referee) already tested several times in duels in the Premier league, TOTO KNVB Cup, the playoffs and the Johan Cruijff Schaal. With the final introduction of the tool wants to the KNVB as honest as possible in the course of competitions in the Netherlands. “There will be virtually any soccer agree,” said Gudde.

The first time that the VAR in the coming season can be used, is on August 11. Then start the new Eredivisie season.

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