Breaking Bad actress dispels burglar

a65560b9c4008ef6190854a90ebcfcd0 - Breaking Bad actress dispels burglar

Anna Gunn has Thursday night had a visit from a burglar. The thief threw a diamond from her home in Los Angeles, but beat on the flight and when the actress, best known for her role as Skyler White in Breaking Bad, soon the light to him.

Anna Gunn with Breaking Bad colleague Bryan Cranston.

Gunn was, according to TMZ alarmed by her alarm system. She called the police, but the burglar had already flown when the agents with her on the sidewalk stood. Other than the tapped window didn Gunn no other damage to report.

In the past few months, several celebrities, the victim of a burglary in The Valley north of Los Angeles. One way was to include Mariah Carey and Jason Derulo visit of thieves.

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