Brand Australia: dozens of homes destroyed

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TATHRA – A natural fire certainly has 69 houses destroyed in the Australian coastal town of Tathra. Dozens of other homes were damages in, messages in Australian media. Hundreds of residents were fleeing from the approaching inferno.

Many of the inhabitants of the place in the state of New South Wales sought initially a safe refuge on the nearby beach. A witness spoke against ABC News over ,,between fifty and a hundred people”. By the smoke worsened the view in there significantly. ,,At any point we had at most, two meters visibility,” said the 21-year-old man.

The police sent them finally head to the nearby place Bega, where about two hundred people in shelter were in shelter. Other displaced residents slept in their vehicles or spent the night in a hotel.

The fire department stated that the fire Sunday quickly spread around them could grab it through a combination of hard winds, high temperatures, low humidity and drought. Residents can still not return to Tathra, where hundreds of houses spared would have remained.

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