Berghuis lyrical: ‘Van Persie is really on a different level’

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Top scorer Steven Berghuis of Feyenoord, the first goal of Robin van Persie against PEC Zwolle Sunday, enjoy the interaction with the old master. “He is special. He is really on a different level. You notice that at all. I try often to search, because you know that the ball is often returned, or that he has something good.”

Congratulations to Robin van Persie among others, Steven Berghuis

In the eyes of Berghuis played to the loss of Van Persie an important role in the decline that the Team knew after rest. “He is someone, that even when we are under pressure the rest saves,” said the top scorer, not to speak about the second forty-five minutes. “The first half was good, quiet and controlled. In the second half, we show a lot of long balls and we have no control. We do not play under their pressure and play long balls. The trainer wants no risk. I think, however, the bottom up can play, if you have something calmer. But he is the boss.”

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