Belgian drive 116 instead of 120 and get bon

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Brussels – A Belgian woman has a place where they 120 should 116 ridden, but had to go through a weird twist of fate 467 euros to pay the penalty.

Speed Control Belgium

The court found the violation of the 44-year-old woman from Braine-le-Comte ’serious’ and ’proven’, writes La Dernière Heure.

Since 2010 the speed, if you flashed is, from 100 km/h, with six percent, and adjusted in favor of the driver. Because the woman flashed was 124 km/h was the speed on paper is decreased to 116 km/h.

When they are a process-verbal in the bus was, she has that right in the trash thrown. After the correction of six per cent she had, in fact, no offence committed. At the beginning of december 2016, she received a letter stating that they are before the court, had to appear. They then decided not to go. Why a half a day to waste in court for a trial where she would get?

The judge thought otherwise. 124 is 124 and she was in absentia sentenced to a fine of 240 euros and fifteen days driving ban. In addition, she had court fees to pay: 227 euro.

Christophe Redko, the lawyer says that this is ’never seen’. The appeal drew the lawyer still ana the longest end. The case was already statute-barred, and the woman goes still unpunished.

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