A pilot who, according to Russia MH17 shoot found dead

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KIEV – The pilot that Russia was accused of the shooting down of MH17 is found dead with a bullet wound in his body, report the international media.

Vladislav Voloshin on Ukrainian movies.

Vladislav Voloshin (29) was the pilot of a Su-25 aircraft in the Ukrainian air force when the MH17 was shot down. A colleague of him, Evgeni Agapov, said initially anonymous that Voloshin the plane accidentally would have shot from the air, because the unit confused with another plane.

Later made Russia the identity of Agapov known. Voloshin stated in a BBC documentary that the allegations are unfounded. He says that they have been victims of a great Russian smeercampagne. “I have the MH17 not shot down. A former military comrade of mine, a mechanical engineer, has made false statements issued. We flew not even that day. He says that three flights were launched, but that was six days later.”

The Dutch Safety Board has concluded that the MH17 aircraft with a Russian BUK missile is shot down that plane from Russia to Ukraine was completed. Justice is this.


Voloshin, now the director of the Mykolayiv International Airport, was found a home. Family members would be home when Voloshin himself commited suicide. His wife heard the shot from the bedroom, so write the Ukrainian media.

Then was an ambulance called and were agents on the spot. Voloshin was seriously wounded to the hospital and later died of his injuries.

His wife and colleagues propose in a response in the Ukrainian media that Voloshin is the last time all longer depressed felt. He would rather suicidal tendencies have had. The authorities have opened an investigation with the scenario of murder is being investigated.

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