Zimbabweans in July to the polls

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HARARE – Zimbabweans should in July to the polls for the first presidential election since the departure of Robert Mugabe. It is the first time in decades that the name Mugabe is not on the ballot.

Emmerson Mnangagwa

The new president Emmerson Mnangagwa said Sunday to look forward to “peaceful and transparent” elections in July of this year. The 75-year-old leader promised that the ballot is not accompanied by the violence that previous elections flawed. He wants agreements with all the political parties in the country.

Mugabe under pressure resigned

Mnangagwa came last year to the power. Are partijgenoot Mugabe was under pressure stepped down after the army had intervened. The 94-year-old former leader still seems to be struggling with his departure. The South African broadcaster SABC published last week an interview in which Mugabe said the victim of a “military coup”.

Mugabe accused Mnangagwa in the conversation is illegal to the power to come. The new president responded, shrugging at the criticism. He said that Mugabe has the right to freedom of expression, “such as every privéburger”.

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