Witherspoon convinces Aniston: ’There should be a Friends reunion!”

5e247bc17d1d15a72d2476dc3694341a - Witherspoon convinces Aniston: ’There should be a Friends reunion!"

Reese Witherspoon has successfully tried Jennifer Aniston to seduce to a Friends-reunion.

Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston want their acting career to a higher level lifting, perhaps jointly

According to a source, the two together have memories retrieved to those ’good old days’ on the set. “Reese has Jennifer now convinced that the general public love would be a revival”, he tells Britain’s Reveal Magazine. “Jennifer is all along the rest of the cast gone and she is excited. Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer are less enthusiastic, but Reese is convinced that they can ompraten.”

Reese Witherspoon played but two episodes in the series, when she as the sister of Rachel, in 2000, seen on tv. The actress is considering currently on the next step in her career. Jennifer Aniston, who from 1994 to 2004, Rachel played in Friends, and met her again when they both have a role in a series on Apple TV.

Higher level

According to the source Aniston full of praise for the career of Witherspoon, while she has her own career in a valley you will find sitting. “She is insanely bored, actually of to romantic comedy to do, and admires the way Reese her career to a higher level has to know to lift with in addition to large roles, also a growing influence on the production of behind-the-scenes.”

It would therefore be an ambition of Reese to the executive producer of a new series of Friends and self again as a guest appearance, and the sister of Aniston to play. In addition, the two hollywood stars have other projects want to produce.

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